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Transportation and Logistics Solutions

GPSit provides solutions for both carriers who own their assets and those that do not, as well as the owners of goods in transit.  The deployment techniques are different, but in all cases, the solutions offer dramatic improvements in asset efficiency, customer service and risk reduction. 

Trailer and Container Owners

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You have large numbers of trailers and or containers stored at remote locations and need greater visibility to the location and status of those assets.  The solution, utilize low cost, battery operated, fixed mount GPS trackers to increase operational efficiency and security.  

Trailer and container tracking solutions have been shown to offer a dramatic impact on return on investment, via maximizing asset utilization, improving operational efficiency, improved customer service and reduced cargo security issues.   

Given these assets are multimodal, asset tracking the offers improvement over fleet tracking solutions for point-to-point cargo tracking.  You can now give your customers complete visibility for their cargo’s progress across sea, rail and ground transportation modes.

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Third Party Logistics Providers and Freight Brokers

Your customers are demanding real time knowledge of their shipments location and anticipated arrival time.  You now employ a large percentage of independent drivers whose vehicles and or trailers are not GPS tracking equipped.  Dispatch personnel are calling these independent drivers to obtain location status, but this is highly inefficient for your staff and not always reliable.

GPSit enables Third Party Logistics Providers to track the loads you manage and provide real-time information back to your clients as to the location and anticipated time of arrival, for both company owned, and independent drivers.  

We provide small, lightweight and completely self-contained battery operated GPS asset trackers which are easily deployed. These devices can accompany the shipment in the truck cab, in the trailer, or covertly located in the shipment itself.  They are easy to remove and reuse.  Rugged packaging allows the trackers to be deployed in harsh environments for long periods of time.

Key Logistics Benefits
-    Provide clients with real time shipment information
-    Easily provide ETAs and other delivery compliance requirements
-    Be alerted to transit delays
-    Aid law enforcement with recovery

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Owners of High Value Goods in Transit

You trust your high value goods to third party logistics companies and or independent carriers and want increased visibility to the location and status of the shipment.  Battery powered GPS asset tracking is the solution.

Small asset trackers can be covertly deployed into the shipment itself, no one need know but you.  Using asset tracking ensures you have complete visibility into the in route status and safety of your goods.

Perhaps your goods are subject to cold chain requirements, no problem.  Asset trackers with environmental monitoring can insure the integrity of the cold chain shipment process.

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  • Instant notifications
  • Increased visibility
  • Reduce goods shrinkage
  • Monitor in-transit

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  • Access anywhere
  • Google powered maps
  • Satellite and terrain views
  • Device management

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GPS Trackers

  • Long life batteries
  • Hardmount or covert
  • Indoor location support
  • Condition monitoring

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  • 24x7 customer support
  • Includes free setup
  • Unlimited training
  • Bilingual support

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