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Industry Solutions

Want to track or monitor something?

GPSit provides battery powered asset tracking solutions designed to meet the unique tracking, monitoring and loss prevention requirements of remote or in transit high value assets.

We honed our tracking capabilities by working with hundreds of law enforcement agencies for which we provide covert tracking solutions. We now make that same solution available to you, your business or your government agency.  It’s easy to deploy, use and cost affordable.

Here are examples of how GPSit solutions are helping to improve asset tracking and loss prevention programs:

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  • Instant notifications
  • Increased visibility
  • Reduce goods shrinkage
  • Monitor in-transit

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  • Access anywhere
  • Google powered maps
  • Satellite and terrain views
  • Device management

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GPS Trackers

  • Long life batteries
  • Hardmount or covert
  • Indoor location support
  • Condition monitoring

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  • 24x7 customer support
  • Includes free setup
  • Unlimited training
  • Bilingual support

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