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GPS Package Tracking Improves Security for Goods in Transit

GPS Based Package Tracking

Owners of high-value merchandise can now reliable utilize GPS location based services to improve loss prevention programs for goods in transit. By covertly incorporating small, battery operated Assisted GPS (aGPS) tracking devices into the shipment itself, you have the proven means to help facilitate recovery if the merchandise is lost or stolen. GPSit is at the forefront of this technology revolution with integrated solutions that greatly improve shipment loss prevention.

The Cargo Theft Problem

The latest estimates indicate that cargo theft now exceeds $60 billion in losses annually. It is a mounting threat that companies simply cannot afford to ignore. Just one shipment loss can cost millions of dollars. In addition to the direct cost, there are other indirect costs such as increased insurance premiums, weakened customer confidence; diminished product value due to black market resale and more. In short, cargo theft’s impact on your company’s bottom line cannot be ignored.

GPS tracking solutions for trucks and trailers provides a good solution for real-time awareness of your fleet’s location. It is not however, a viable solution for cargo theft prevention and recovery. Studies show that cargo theft is most often the result of organized crime efforts. In these circumstances, most all vehicle or trailer mounted GPS tracking solutions are quickly disabled by professional thieves, rendering vehicle based GPS tracking recovery impossible.

The Practical Solution - Covert GPS Tracking

GPS based Package Tracking from GPSit

By covertly hiding GPSit’s GPS trackers with their internal omni-directional antennae in your actual product boxes, they become very difficult for cargo thieves to detect.

Unlike traditional GPS vehicle tracking systems, our tracker does not need to be in view of the sky to determine a position fix, so it can be covertly concealed. Even if your shipment has been reloaded onto the thieves’ trucks and trailers, the tracker can easily be located using its assisted GPS capabilities (aGPS). Long life batteries and advanced sensor technologies further enhance the power of this tracking method. The bottom line - covert GPS tracking is an effective and proven method to both track and help facilitate recovery if merchandise is lost or stolen.

Location data from GPSit’s tracking software, TrackFusion, is easily integrated into supply chain management systems, enabling seamless operations support. Package tracking services are available in the US and Mexico.

Goods in Transit Tracking Benefits

  • Inproved supply chain security
  • Meet customer compliance requirements
  • Reduce labor costs and human error
  • Reduce loss and damage of goods while in transit
  • Aid law enforcement with recovery

Covert GPS Package Tracking - Significant Return on Investment

GPSit services can protect a shipment for approximately $5 a load, inclusive of equipment and services fees. If you use this information in a quick ROI analysis, factoring in your current shipment loss rate, average cost of lost shipments and shipments per year, you will likely discover the ROI for shipment tracking to be substantial.

GPSit would be happy to help you improve your loss prevention program for goods in transit tracking.  Please simply let us know if you would like us to contact you.  

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  • Instant notifications
  • Increased visibility
  • Reduce goods shrinkage
  • Monitor in-transit

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  • Access anywhere
  • Google powered maps
  • Satellite and terrain views
  • Device management

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GPS Trackers

  • Long life batteries
  • Hardmount or covert
  • Indoor location support
  • Condition monitoring

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