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Trailer Tracking Improves Profitability and Competitive Standing

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Trailer tracking offers carriers enhanced asset utilization, increased security and improved return on investment for both tethered and untethered trailer assets. Incorporating GPS based trailer management into your information strategy provides a competitive advantage to both carriers and to companies that rent trailers.

Without trailer tracking, carriers face tough challenges:

  • Lack of timely and accurate trailer location information
  • Poor trailer utilization
  • Larger than necessary trailer inventories
  • Unnecessary exposure to theft risk
  • Loss of back office and driver productivity
  • Challenges delivering upon customer service expectations

These escalating challenges have led to rapid adoption of untethered trailer tracking solutions.


Trailer Tracking Benefits

Trailer tracking involves long battery life GPS trackers that provide on demand location information via wireless networks. Cloud based information management of your trailer inventory provides real time visibility to trailer assets and their status. This simple solution has many compelling benefits, including:

  • Accurate and timely trailer location information
  • Improved trailer utilization
  • More efficient yard and fleet operations, reducing labor costs
  • Increased number of monthly loads carried by each trailer
  • More timely and accurate information for improved client billing
  • Fast recovery of stolen trailers and their loads
  • Reduction in theft associated costs
  • More efficient inventory usage leading to lower capital costs
  • Improved driver moral due to more efficient yard operations
  • Improved customer service

The ROI from full inventory trailer tracking is often dramatic, minimally from greater asset utilization, but also due to the ability to respond to emergencies such as trailer and load theft, or delayed client cargo. Theft creates tremendously negative impact on customer service reputations. Not having capabilities to deal with these emergencies is simply an unnecessary liability. Trailer tracking is a compelling competitive differentiation that can and does help attract and retain new customers.

Adoption of wireless trailer tracking solutions helps improve profitability and competitive standing. Trailer tracking information systems enable superior asset utilization and streamlined business operations. Advances in trailer tracking optimized, wireless GPS trackers, have made solutions affordable and simple to deploy and maintain. It’s hard to argue the impact, even harder to justify not having the capability.

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  • Instant notifications
  • Increased visibility
  • Reduce goods shrinkage
  • Monitor in-transit

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  • Access anywhere
  • Google powered maps
  • Satellite and terrain views
  • Device management

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GPS Trackers

  • Long life batteries
  • Hardmount or covert
  • Indoor location support
  • Condition monitoring

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  • 24x7 customer support
  • Includes free setup
  • Unlimited training
  • Bilingual support

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