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Now Shipping PT300 a Game Changer for Covert Tracking

on Wednesday, 13 June 2012. Posted in GPS Trackers

PT300 Enables In Transit Condition Monitoring

Now Shipping PT300 a Game Changer for Covert Tracking

Great news, the PT300 is now shipping! After many months of integration, testing and carrier certifications the Sendum Wireless third generation package tracker, the" PT300" is now fully supported by TrackFusion and shipping.

GPSit is pleased to be supporting the PT300 on Verizon Wireless. Although we can’t say who….what we can tell you is one of our first customers purchased over two hundred units to automate shipment delivery notifications. Our customer manages time sensitive shipments of high value goods. Their goal was to gain better visibility of shipment status in the supply chain.

Using TrackFusion motion detection and geofence features allows the client to accurately predict shipment delivery times. Device features such as deep sleep and low battery alerts ensure the integrity of tracking device deployment and enable longer, more reliable battery operated deployments.

GPSit’s TrackFusion platform has been upgraded to take full advantage of the PT300 features, enabling much more sophisticated tracking “missions”. Device sensors now enable detection of temperature, humidity, light, or pressure changes, as well as light and vibration detection. These new capabilities can be combined to create targeted tracking mission profiles.

Want to know if your package’s environment exceeded a certain temperature and or humidity?

Was the shipment opened during transit?

Need early warning when valuables are on the move?

Want to know if mission critical shipments have stopped progressing toward the destination?

These questions and more, and or combinations of them, can easily be transformed into tracking mission profiles. Just let us know what your tracking challenges are. It is likely TrackFusion can address them.

GPSit will soon be introducing new accessories designed to provide enhanced environmental protection and extended battery life. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

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