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Asset Tracking Made Easy!

At GPSit we believe managing your remote assets should be no more difficult than those at your facility.  Unfortunately that may not be the case for you today.  To solve this problem, we utilize advanced GPS and cellular technology to enable location awareness, and help you achieve the productively you seek for those expensive assets.
GPSit’s solution is a reliable, low cost asset tracking service using state-of-the-art, long battery life, wireless GPS trackers and our cloud based TrackFusionTM application. 
GPSit specializes in the tracking of trailers, containers, goods in transit and other high value assets. 
Tracking your high value assets allows you to increase revenues, improve asset utilization, increase security and reduce operational costs.
A trusted leader for over ten years, GPSit serves a wide variety of businesses from small organizations to leading commercial enterprises. All inclusive service starts at just $15.95/mo.

Asset Tracking Overview

asset-tracking overview

GPS based asset tracking enables your company to locate and monitor valuable assets, regardless of location.  Using a combination of satellite and cellular technology, plus advanced cloud based information services; visibility as to the status and exact location is always available.  In addition, advanced GPS trackers incorporating environmental sensors can report back the conditions that your assets are being exposed to.

GPSit provides targeted solutions for transportation and logistics, construction, and other industries owning high value assets, that are often remote or on the move.  Our solutions utilize long battery life GPS trackers that don’t require external power and provide years of worry free service.  These trackers are ideal for trailers, containers, and other high value assets that don’t have built in power sources.

In addition to tracking trailers and containers, we also provide services to the owners of high value goods and their logistics service providers, who desire location and status of the goods in transit.  Small battery operated trackers can be covertly included within the shipment or attached to the shipment documentation, providing real time visibility as to the shipment status.


Utilizing GPS trackers to monitor high value assets provides a broad spectrum of benefits, including:

  • Increased asset security
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Fast recovery of stolen assets
  • Reduced expenses
  • Increased accountability
  • Better customer service

Please contact us with your asset tracking objectives.


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All Inclusive Pricing Starting at $15.95
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Trailer Tracking

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  • Accurate and timely location information
  • Improved utilization

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Container Tracking

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  • Accurate and timely location information
  • Improved utilization

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Goods In Transit

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  • Moniter in-transit conditions
  • Improved security

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GPS Asset Tracking
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GPSit provides battery powered asset tracking and monitoring for trailers, containers, freight and high value equipment.

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All inclusive pricing starting at $15.95/month!



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