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GPS Asset Tracking and Monitoring System

The GPSit™ Asset Tracking and Monitoring System is a cloud based service (SaaS) which utilizes long battery life wireless GPS tracking and monitoring devices. These devices enable tracking and or monitoring of just about any remote asset, regardless of whether it has a power supply or no power at all.

TrackFusion, our web-based mapping application, was designed from the ground up to address the demanding management requirements of both battery powered and powered GPS asset trackers. In a friendly graphical format, users get quick access to location, security, environmental and device status data.  TrackFusion provides robust device location mapping with street, atellite and hybrid views, geofencing, sophisticated alerting, notification and reporting features. These features are all seamlessly integrated to ensure ease of use and comprehensive device control.

The system supports a variety of wireless, battery operated GPS asset trackers, such as those from Sendum and CalAmp.  Those that are aGPS based provide precise location information, including operation in many indoor, underground and impaired environments that completely block conventional trackers.  These new GPS trackers can also include advanced sensors for detection of movement, vibration, light, temperature, pressure and humidity, enabling extended battery life, package tamper detection and sophisticated environmental monitoring.

GPSit strategically partners with leading cellular network providers to ensure the maximum available device coverage, enabling the tracking devices to reliably report back their location and status to our cloud based services infrastructure.  Current network providers include Verizon and Sprint.

We also provide comprehensive training and support so that our customers can focus on their most pressing challenges without needing to worry about the integrity of their GPS Asset Tracking and Monitoring System.

Advanced users are welcome to use our Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate asset tracking data into their enterprise applications, ensuring timely and convenient access to asset tracking information.

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