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TrackFusion Developer API

Enabling Seamless Enterprise Application Integration

Data ExchangeThe key to achieving high ROI using location-based asset tracking services lies in integrating location to extend your enterprise application functionality. The beauty of including TrackFusion as part of your solution is that our open platform speeds location services integration.


Direct Integration with Enterprise Applications

GPSit’s TrackFusion is built upon an XML-based open architecture. This allows Application Programming Interface (API) calls to be used for easy integration of TrackFusion into your Enterprise Applications.

From asset management to streamlined logistics reporting, TrackFusion APIs can be integrated to add transparency, accuracy and value to enterprise business applications.


API Benefits

There are literally thousands of scenarios where you can benefit from using location and condition monitoring within your enterprise applications. Here are a few:

Example: Real Time Logistics Update

You run hundreds of shipments each day, many of which are carried by independent drivers. Currently dispatch must call those independents to obtain current location information. By integrating location updating and map data display into your logistics application, you both dramatically improve customer service and improve dispatch productivity.

Example: In Transit Condition Monitoring

You must ensure that the temperature of your shipment remains within certain boundaries. By using the API to access both location and in transit conditions, you can log into the shipment manifest detailed information such as temperature, dramatically improving your ability to document adherence to compliance requirements.

Example: Asset Management

You utilize hundreds or thousands of trailers to transport and store materials. Asset management and logistics applications keep you abreast of what’s in them, but not where those trailers are located. By incorporating trailer location information you dramatically increase efficiency, productivity and asset utilization.

TrackFusion’s Developer API makes these custom integrations straightforward for both developers and corporate IT staffs. Specific benefits include:

- Eliminates the need for direct device integration

- Reduces implementation time from years or months to days

- Ensures availability of the latest asset tracking devices

- Shelters your application from the need to address device management

- Provides advanced condition monitoring feature data

- Enables automated arrival or departure notifications via API driven Geofences


Custom Integration

TrackFusion’s API allows you to access all the features, functions and capabilities presented within the TrackFusion application. Your ability to integrate, at whatever degree of sophistication you desire, is endorsed and supported from GPSit. Typically customers engage us at one of three levels:

Free API Access and Integration – use straightforward examples provided by GPSit to achieve rapid application integration.

Supported API Program – tap our development and support team services to achieve deep application integration. Nominal fees apply.

Custom Integration – retain our professional services staff to assist you via hands on development support. Non recurring engineering (NRE) fees apply.


Getting Started With GPSit's API

Developers are encouraged to contact GPSit to get the latest developer support materials. You can also take a quick look at our API Technical Reference - Introduction.


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