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GPS Asset Trackers

GPS trackers continue to advance on multiple technical fronts. Improvements in location accuracy, communications, battery life and new sensors provide for sophisticated, extended deployments and advanced in transit monitoring.

At GPSit, we select the best available trackers, and then optimize their configuration for the assets you wish to track. From high performance covert tracking, to rugged, long battery life asset trackers, we have solutions that will work for you.

It is especially important to understand that tracking of battery powered trackers requires that battery life be accurately monitored and controlled, to ensure the tracking applications success.  These are capabilities not found in typical “powered” tracking systems, such as those used in fleet tracking applications.  At GPSit, we specialize in battery powered, asset and package tracking solutions.

Here is more about what you need to know about battery powered GPS trackers:

Extended Battery Life

Extended duration tracking requires not only large capacity batteries, but sophisticated device configurations and clever usage of sensors, such as vibration detectors to minimize power consumption. GPSit works closely with our customers to ensure that the deployed asset tracker configuration will meet or exceed the mission requirements.

GPS Location Accuracy

Will the tracker be located in view of the sky, or covertly inside of a package? The type of deployment and its environmental conditions dictate the type of tracker and location capabilities needed. Advanced Assisted GPS (aGPS) used in our package trackers allows the device to provide an accurate location even in embedded inside a shipment, or container.


How the GPS trackers communicate data is also critical. Support for broad geographic coverage; whether by satellite, cellular and or WIFI networks ensures reliable tracking. GPSit partners with top tier network carriers to ensure seamless coverage is available for your asset tracking needs.

Advanced Monitoring

Earlier generation GPS trackers offered one major feature, location tracking. Current third generation trackers feature detection for light and vibration, as well as monitoring of pressure, temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions. These advanced sensors can be utilized to extend the effective tracker battery life, which helps ensure the reliability of the tracking “mission”, or report back detailed environment conditions.

Here are some examples of how these sensors add flexibility to tracking:

    1. Use light detection to determine if a package was opened prior to reaching its destination.
    2. Use motion detection to determine if a stationary asset is moved.
    3. Use temperature monitoring to determine if a package was exposed to dangerous environmental conditions.
    4. Use pressure detection to ensure a tracker is not operating while in flight.
    5. Use a combination of sensor reading to trigger a custom alert specific to your tracking requirements.

GPS trackers equipped with advanced sensors must have supporting software to operate correctly. GPSit’s TrackFusion enables you to get the full benefit of advanced environmental monitoring.


Trackers being embedded inside a pallet of cargo need not be sealed or as rugged as those trackers used for container or trailer tracking. Exposure to the elements requires much higher standards of environmental protection.

Learn more about GPSit’s asset and package trackers.

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