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PT300 Package Tracker

The PT300 is a third generation battery powered GPS tracker using Qualcomm's patented CDMA gpsOneExtra™ Sendum-PT300-Front-Angled-Clear-Backgroundtechnology, designed and built by Sendum Wireless Corporation. The PT300 provides the most accurate location capability, even in impaired environments such as inside semi-trailers, underneath autos and within closed packages - all without the use of external antennas.

PT300 capabilities extend beyond standard tracking found in the earlier PT200 to include sensors that enable you to monitor the in-transit conditions of your package.   You can now track package temperature, humidity, light detection, pressure and vibration.  Further, the PT300 reports its battery strength and signal strength levels.  These capabilities enable the PT300 to address the challenging requirements faced by shippers of high value goods in multimodal supply chains, and advanced covert surveillance requirements within law enforcement.

There are two PT300 models, the base unit (PT300-BP "Battery Pack") and an advanced version that has additional sensors (PT300-SP "Sensor Pack").  GPSit TrackFusion supports both PT-300 models.  It is important that the correct unit is selected to match your monitoring objectives.




"Battery Pack"   


"Sensor Pack"

Location (Assisted, AFLT, gpsOneExtra, Stand Alone)     

Motion Sensor Accelerometer
GPS Jamming Detector
Battery Gage Monitor
Wi-Fi Radio (Option)
Light Sensor  
Additional Temperature Sensors – 2  
Humidity Sensor  
Altimeter / Pressure Sensor  


Used in its basic configuration, or enhanced with GPSit accessories,  it’s a powerful solution for covert tracking.

Find more information in the PT300 GPSit Data Sheet.


PT300 Core Technology and Capability

   •    Wide area - CDMA 1XRTT
   •    Local Area - WiFi 802.11 b/g (optional future capability)
   •    GPS - Qualcomm’s gpsOne
Size and Weight
   •    53 mm x 125 mm x 13 mm -  2.09” x 4.92” x 0.51”
   •    140 grams / 4.94 Ounces
   •    Operational Temperature
      –    Active use:  -20C to +65C
      –    Charging:       0C to 35C
   •    Temperature
   •    Ambient / IR Light Photo Sensor
   •    3-axes Accelerometer
   •    Pressure Sensor
   •    Humidity
Batteries and Power
   •    Li-ion: 3,700 mAh rechargeable
   •    Mini-USB
Button and LEDs
   •    1 programmable/non-mechanical “touch” button
   •    3 programmable LED’s
Certifications & Approvals
   •    FCC
   •    IC
   •    FAA
   •    NIST Traceable
   •    FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Digital Signatures

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