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Understanding PT300 Battery Life

Below are two informative tables, one for normal use battery life, and one that presents battery life using the deep sleep functions.  You can use this data to help understand battery life in different conditions.  

Please understand that battery life will vary depending upon device and deployment conditions.  Ultimately deploying a PT300 in your actual use case will produce the best battery life insights.


Table 1 - PT300 Battery Life - 3.7 Ah Battery

- Based on Sendum Battery Performance Tool

- Always on usage model (seven days per week, 24 hours per day)

Estimated Days Battery Life at 77 deg F. with fully charged battery

Loads with metal content (tobacco, electronics) in metal trailers

Loads with low metal content, pharm's, clothes, plastic's
Device with clear view of sky
Location Reporting Period Poor Coverage Average Coverage Good Coverage
   Days Days   Days
Standby Only 12.5 18.2


Every 2 Hours  12.2  15.82  23.69 
Every 1 Hour  10  15  21 
Every 30 Minutes 8.2 12.7 19.1
 Every 15 Minutes 9.8  13.3
 Every 10 Minutes 5.7 7 10.6 
 Every 5 Minutes 2.5  3.5  5.92 
 Every 1 Minute <1  <1   <1



  •  These are guidelines only, actual conditions and the environment will and can effect battery life
  •  Techniques such as using the motion sensor can extend battery life during periods of no motion


Table 2 - Battery Life using Deep Sleep Mode for Sendum

- 3700 mAh Battery Capacity

- Summary

Reduced battery capacity;

normal loss+ lower Temperature range

100% 75%


Location fix once per day 7.7 Months 5 Months 3.8 Months
Location fix once every 2 days 1.2 Years 11.5 Months 7.6 Months

Location fix once every 3 days

1.8 Years

1.4 Years

11.5 Months
Location fix once every 4 days 2.5 Years 1.8 Years 1.2 Years
Location fix once every 5 days 3.1 years 2.3 Years 1.5 Years
Location fix once every 7 days 4.4 years

3.3 Years

2.2 Years



  • 2 minute location fix transmission time
  • Non freezing temperature conditions
  • No movement other than fixes; if PT300 wakes on movement, battery life will be less
  • Average to good cellular coverage

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