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TrackFusion Account Settings empowers you to completely customize your tracking experience.

Customization enables you to fully personalize your account profile, display settings, labels, notifications, maintenance, vehicles, locations, contacts, drivers and assets.

For each tracker utilized, you can define how their special features or telemetry inputs events are labeled and displayed in your account. For triggered events, define specific notifications and automatically route them to key recipients.

For fleet vehicles, set up asset groups, engine hours tracking, maintenance schedules, assign unique icons for each asset type, assign drivers, associated assets and or unique tracking colors.

For locations, assign nicknames, icons, groups, or surround with geofences and their alerting and notification features.

Use the system to assign and track contact and driver information, as well as assets associated with vehicles in the system.

Account Settings Benefits

  • Customization allows you to align the tracking system with your business needs
  • Set up automatic notifications that allow management “by exception”
  • Makes it easy to quickly assimilate fleet information
  • Store fleet information for easy retrieval and display

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