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Asset and Vehicle Management Features

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TrackFusion is a full spectrum asset and vehicle tracking platform.

Within TrackFusion, application specific GPS trackers are configured to meet the unique tracking requirements of trailers, containers, fleet vehicles, package tracking, construction equipment, covert tracking, and may other asset types. Some are battery powered, others require external power. Some have environmental sensors, others telemetry and vehicle connections. GPSit’s staff will ensure your GPS trackers are well aligned with the requirements for successful tracking of your equipment.

TrackFusion features ensure that the GPS tracker’s capabilities can be fully surfaced in a meaningful way. If a fleet vehicle, you likely care about tracking engine hours, driver performance, and other vehicle related information. If you are tracking packages, setting up alerts to notify if the package is tampered with may be your key security concern. TrackFusion has robust device configuration capabilities to meet the tracking requirements of your valuable assets.

TrackFusion also allows you to group your vehicles and assets to streamline management and reporting, by asset type, region, teams, or other logical means. It’s easy as part of the asset management features to align your firm’s asset tracking with the way you run your business today.

Vehicle and Asset Management Benefits

  • One platform for both asset and fleet vehicle tracking
  • Optimize GPS tracker capabilities for your asset tracking requirements
  • Helps streamline asset management
  • Align easily to your business

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