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Reporting Features

Robust reporting is the key to translating massive amounts of GPS location and event data into information you can use to more productively run your business.

GPSit TrackFusion provides a powerful suite of automated, fully customizable reports providing detailed to high level views of your asset inventories and status. All are generated in an easy to read format that can be emailed, printed or saved for later use. Reports include map views where appropriate and links to more detailed report views.

Your reporting use can be tailored to asset category or an individual asset. As an example, basic reporting may be all you need for trailers and containers, with more detailed reporting (engine hours, driver performance, maintenance etc.) utilized for your trucks and other fleet vehicles. TrackFusion gives you the freedom to decide what information you need, when you want it, and in what format you would like it presented.

Key Reporting Benefits:

  • Increased staff productivity
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Improved asset security
  • Better customer service
  • Improved fleet security
  • Expense reduction

Here is a sampling of the reports* available to TrackFusion users:

After Hours Report – The After Hours report allows you to monitor driver/vehicle activity that occurs outside the normal work day.

Alerts Report – The Alerts report allows you to see which vehicles have not reported an update/position lately.

Compact Report – The Compact report shows all driver/vehicle updates of note; that is, the report will not show consecutive non-moving updates. In this way, the report removes updates that are of lesser consequence to driver/vehicle activity monitoring.

Complete Report – The Complete report shows all updates for the specified time range.

Congregation Report – The Congregation report shows any congregations of drivers/vehicles; that is, when one or more drivers/vehicles come together within a defined distance, stopped for a defined amount of time.

Consolidated Report – The Consolidated report shows a summary of each driver/vehicle’s activity, including mileage and maximum speed and optionally may include info about stops, idle time, and location visits.

Driver Performance Report – The Driver Performance report allows you to monitor overall driver behavior with respect to multiple grading parameters. The report awards grades, on a 0-100% scale, for each parameter as well as an overall grade according to the weights given to each grading parameter.

Engine Hours Report – The Engine Hours report shows information on engine run-times for each driver/vehicle. Event Report – The Event report shows all updates received that contain the specified event.

Fuel Ticket Report - The Fuel Ticket report allows the user to keep track of the cost of fuel – how much is being consumed, what it is costing him/her, how it is being used, where is it being obtained, and who is using it. The Fuel Ticket report is used in conjunction with the Fuel Receipt tool on the ‘Maintenance’ tab of the Settings page. Fuel receipts are entered through this tool, and the data is processed and analyzed by the Fuel Ticket report.

Geofence Report – The Geofence report shows information relating to driver/vehicles’ time spent within geofences. Idle Time Report – The Idle Time report allows you to see all idle time instances for each driver/vehicle

Last Position Report – The Last Position report shows the last position for each of your drivers/vehicles. Last Update Report – The Last Update report shows the last update for each of your vehicles.

Location Report – The Location report shows detailed info about driver/vehicles’ visits to locations.

Maintenance Report – The Maintenance report shows maintenance interval info for each vehicle. It is used in conjunction with the ‘Maintenance’ tab on the Settings page to keep track of periodic maintenance for your vehicles.

Messages Report – The Messages report shows all messages received for each driver/vehicle within the time range supplied.

Mileage Report – The Mileage report shows the mileage driven by your vehicles with respect to driver/vehicle, state, county, or geofence.

Regulatory Forms Report – The Regulatory Forms report automatically completes regulatory forms, using vehicle data. Shift Report – The Shift report shows information for each driver/vehicle’s ‘shifts’.

Speed Report – The Speed report allows you to monitor the speeding behavior of your drivers/vehicles, with respect to either a user-defined absolute speed limit or the posted speed limit.

Stop Report – The Stop report provides details of each stop made by each of your drivers/vehicles. Summary Report – The Summary report provides you a high-level picture of each driver/vehicle’s activity.

Timecard Report – The Timecard report provides a means to keep track of the hours your employees are working and what they are doing when they are on the job. When an employee arrives at work, he/she sends the event for clocking in; when the employee leaves, he/she clocks out by sending in the clock-out event. You can even include events for lunch and breaks. In this way, the report is ideal for payroll purposes or just to keep an eye on your employees.

Track Report – The Track report shows you the tracks of your drivers/vehicles on a map Note – * some report capabilities are tied to the type of tracking device selected and the information it gathers.

Note – * some report capabilities are tied to the type of tracking device selected and the information it gathers.


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