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Track History Features

Track History Map

Retrieve, view, print and export device tracking history for any asset or vehicle tracked.

Track History allows users to view past information sent from his/her assets or vehicles. Simply select the asset or vehicle of interest and then select the appropriate timeframe. The track history for the selected time period will be shown on the map and dashboard display. The track history display dashboard allows the user to view detailed information about the vehicle's actions during the selected time period.

Available details are tied closely to the type of tracker utilized (asset or fleet vehicle) and the data it collects. Depending upon tracker, data may include stops, chronology, mileage, engine hours, events, messages, speed, geofence events, sensor input and analog data.

The dashboard also features many types of calculated data, such as total engine hours, calculated asset usage, fuel economy and others, many of which are presented graphically.

Key Track History Benefits

  • Enables you to easily visualize and understand your asset or vehicles historical movements
  • Gain access to detailed information enabling you to understand exactly what happened
  • Export functions allow you to easily retrieve and archive key historical data for documentation purposes
  • Information is stored for as long as your account is active, ensuring fast data retrieval when needed
  • Location Map presentation allows for easy assimilation of the track history data

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