When you need to find it....GPSit!

GPS International Technologies, Inc. - "GPSit" – provides battery powered GPS asset tracking and monitoring solutions.

In our early years GPSit quickly became a trusted leader in covert tracking solutions for law enforcement technical surveillance, working with hundreds of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Our law enforcement honed covert tracking expertise is now sought after by shippers of high value goods, who covertly incorporate GPS trackers into their loads, increasing the visibility and security of the shipment.


With the advent of multi-year battery life GPS trackers, we’ve expanded our solutions offering to owners of trailers, containers, and expensive job site equipment.  These asset owners seek to increase utilization, thus improving revenue generation potential, while reducing expenses and security risks.

Our battery operated GPS trackers include sensors which monitor environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, altitude, exposure to light, and vibration; enabling custom alerts and notifications if there is a threat or dangerous change to environmental conditions.

Through our partnerships with Verizon and Sprint, we work closely with firms of all sizes to provide both off the shelf, and customized solutions, which can integrate seamlessly into their enterprise applications.

Our complete solutions include application access, the tracking device, data service and activation fees within a fully bundled pricing offer.  This makes it easier than ever to cost effectively acquire and deploy asset tracking.

If you own expensive equipment used at remote locations, or are responsible for the security of high value goods in transit, you owe it to yourself to explore how battery operated GPS tracking can help improve your business.