Bluelink ELD - Key Benefits
  • Plug & Play install, sends via Bluetooth BLE 4.1 the engine diagnostics data to any device.

  • Provides all data required by FMCSA for ELD compliance including: Odometer, Engine Hours, Engine ON / OFF.

  • BlueLink ELD sends periodic engine diagnostic codes as they appear that can be displayed on the device for the driver and can be forwarded by the device to the fleet management server via the cellular data plan of the device.

  • BlueLink is able to monitor simultaneously or separately the J1939, J1708 and OBDII protocols.

  • BlueLink is easily plugged into the ECM port via a J1708 (6pin), J1939 (9pin), J1708/J1939 (9pin) dual pass through connector or an OBDII connector.

  • Can be hardwired in place.

  • Over and above the FMCSA requirements, BlueLink also sends additional engine data such as: fuel level, fuel consumption and major engine diagnostic codes to be processed by a 3rd party application on any device and forwarded by the device to the fleet management server. 



  • 2.4Ghz BLE 4.1

  • 6-32V

  • Configuration via the BlueLink Admin app available in the Google Playstore


  • Operating Temperature: -22 to 176 ºF (-30 to 80 ºC)

  • Storage Temperature: -40 to 180 ºF (-40 to 85 ºC)

  • Humidity: 0 to 99% 110 ºF (40 ºC), non-condensing

  • Shock/Vibration/Mechanical: meets or exceeds EIA

  • Standard RS-316B 3G (operating), 20G (non operating), XYZ 3 directions. Meets SAE J1455


  • Two harness options:

    • Plug & Play - J1939, J1708 or OBDII pass-through connector prewired to wire harness. Plugs directly into the vehicle's Jbus port

    • Hard-wire - intrusive connection to the vehicle's Jbus data wires


  • ​2.71" x 1.49" x 0.75" (69mm x 38mm x 19mm)

JBus Protocols

  • CANbus J1939 / OBDII

  • RS-485 J1708