Heavy Asset Tracking

Track trailers, heavy assets, equipements, containers and a lot more stuff with our advanced heavy asset tracking platform.

Advanced Heavy Asset Tracking Platform

Track your heavy assets, trailers, equipments, containers with a price you can not compete with.

We have got a variety of devices which can be installed in many different ways to suit your needs, whether you want a plugin or you want it hard wired with ignition cable or just the power (in case of trailers, generators etc.) or you want a totally wireless tracker, we have got it all.

Our heavy asset trackers range from 6 month battery to 7 years battery. You would not have to worry about recharging!

The units can be tracked in many different ways e.g. locate now, track all live trips, track only every few minutes or few miles or report only once or twice a day at certain times, our products can be configured in may different ways.

You can run advanced reports which provide valuable data, patterns and indicators for savings based on trips, stops, idling and other parameters. You can also have them sent directly to your email every day, week, month or certain times.

Get advanced alerts for geofences, speed above posted limit, ignition on/off, after hours use, towing as well as maintenance notifications e.g. tire rotation, oil change etc.

Control your remote assets with our platform over the air using various inputs and outputs.

We have got domestic as well as global coverage!

Top Features


Never lose sight of your heavy assets. Know where they are at all times.


Know when your vehicles arrive or exit certain areas.


Get different types of alerts on your mobile for email for different events.


Watch live trips as your heavy assets move and turn across the map.

Idle Times

Save money on fuel. Identify vehicles that are idling.


Endless possibilities to control your equipments connected to our tracker. 


Know all the stops your drivers make.


Run advanced reports or schedule them to be sent to you.

Install options

Different install options for different needs.