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Warehoused Goods Tracking

warehouse goods

For owners of valuable warehoused goods, transit to and from warehouse locations, often via multiple shippers, is a standard part of supply chain operations.

Unfortunately with many parties involved, frequently missing goods is just an all too often occurrence. It may be as innocent as well-meaning employee moving goods from their known location to an unknown or actual shrinkage due to theft. Even today’s powerful enterprise supply chain applications simply cannot reliably deal with all the day to day complexities and movements within shipping and warehouse operations.

These operational challenges create tough problems, including:

  • Declining customer satisfaction ratings
  • Increasing labor costs
  • Escalating inventory levels and holding costs
  • Expenses associated with lost or stolen goods (shrinkage)

For asset owners concerned about visibility across the entire supply chain process, tracking methods such as RFID often fall short of meeting client expectations. By integrating GPS tracking solutions, much greater visibility can be achieved. Technology enhancements such as Assisted GPS (aGPS) enable devices planted in crates or packagers to be tracked on the way to and in the warehouse. Integration of GPS based tracking data into supply chain applications gives goods owners’ real time insight into product location.

GPSit’s TrackFusion has the ability to accurately track goods as they enter or leave your warehouse. Covert GPS trackers can be attached onto pallets, affixed to equipment, or covertly embedded in packaging. Capable of being located both outdoors and indoors in real time, aGPS trackers become an effective tool to create instant visibility for valuable goods. Additional capabilities such as “Geofences” create an electronic perimeter detection system, alerting security if goods leave the warehouse or fail to arrive on time.

Warehoused Goods Tracking Benefits

  • Increase supply chain shipment security
  • Increase visibility of assets in the supply chain
  • Meet customer compliance mandates
  • Instantly be notified of potential security concerns
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Reduced labor cost and human error
  • Aid law enforcement with recovery

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  • Instant notifications
  • Increased visibility
  • Reduce goods shrinkage
  • Monitor in-transit

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  • Access anywhere
  • Google powered maps
  • Satellite and terrain views
  • Device management

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GPS Trackers

  • Long life batteries
  • Hardmount or covert
  • Indoor location support
  • Condition monitoring

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  • 24x7 customer support
  • Includes free setup
  • Unlimited training
  • Bilingual support

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