Package Tracking

We offer advanced domestic and global package tracking options at an affordable price.

Advanced Package Tracking Platform

Secure your high value goods with our compact package tracker. 

Know when the package is opened with the embedded light sensor as well as know when the box is opened in the dark using our infrared sensor. Make sure the temperature is in optimal range with included temperature sensor. Pressure sensor alerts you when the pressure drops below or rises above set threshold.  Know that your sensitive goods are safe from shock and drop with our tilt sensor and 3-axis accelerometer. Avoid potential theft situations using embedded anti-GPS jamming sensor.

Using the motion sensor, conserve battery! With a single charge, you could get months out of the battery without having to worry about recharging it. 

With our accessories, go a step further for advanced applications such as dry ice temperature monitoring.

FAA approved!

Top Features


Always know where your goods are at.

Light Sensor

Know when a box or container is opened or closed.

Orientation Sensor

Know that 'This side up' products are actually up.

Vibration Sensor

Detect excessive vibration and poor handling.

GPS Jamming Sensor

Avoid potential thefts.

Temperature Sensor

Onboard ambient temperature as well as external probe.

Infrared Sensor

Know when a box or container is opened in the dark.

Shock Sensor

Know when your precious cargo is handled roughly.

Motion Sensor

Detect motion and conserve battery when not in motion.

Signal Strength

Know when your cargo is not in good coverage area.

Humidity Sensor

Monitor relative humidity and protect sensitive cargo.

Pressure Sensor

Sense and store atmospheric pressure.

Drop Sensor

Know when your product is dropped or when it falls.

Low battery sensor

Accurately track remaining battery level and avoid hassles.

FAA Approved

Now, you can be sure that your goods are safe in the skies too!

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