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Sorting Medicine

Retail Theft of Pharmaceuticals Use Case

Situational Summary

The Los Angeles Sheriffs Major Crimes Bureau approached GPSit requesting effective technology that would assist with combating a growing theft problem of Pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in the production of Methamphetamine. Violent organized crime rings would routinely break into drugstores around Los Angeles County with great expense and damage to the property, as well as cost of the drugs stolen. The Pseudoephedrine was kept in secure and locked locations in the pharmacy as it is classified as a controlled substance.

Problem Solution


GPSit engineers concluded the most effective solution was to place GPS Trackers inside bottles of Pseudoephedrine. The bottles were then placed into the boxes of Pseudoephedrine and sealed. These boxes were placed at 10 pharmacies around Los Angeles, and Geofences from the TrackFusion Software were placed around the locations. After several days of waiting, a Geofence was broken and the notification sent to all corresponding investigators. A patrol car was dispatched to the pharmacy in question and authorities found the store had been broken into. Investigators logged into TrackFusion and dispatched task force members to the location of the device. As officers arrived, they were able to identify the stolen goods and arrest nine people. The ensuing investigation revealed the theft crew had hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen contraband at its location.

Problem Resolution

GPSit was able to use a flexible solution to help in the apprehension of a well-known crime syndicate. By utilizing the small size and long battery life of the Sendum GPS Trackers and the notification system of GPSit’s TrackFusion software, many of those arrested are currently serving long prison sentences.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

GPSit was able to help recover several hundred thousand dollars in stolen goods and drugs. The continuing use of this bait program has directly led to a dozen more arrests for thefts of Pseudoephedrine.

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