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Construction Sites

Construction Site Theft Use Case

Situational Summary

A large home builder in San Diego approached GPSit with a theft problem it was experiencing at its construction sites. In the company's model homes, brand new appliances were being stolen during the night hours. With the help of GPSit, GPS Trackers were attached to the bottoms of the refrigerators as they were placed in the model homes. GPSit's TrackFusion software set Geofences around the device to ensure their whereabouts at all times.

Problem Solution

After several days of deployment, the construction site superintendent received a text message in the middle of the night. He was able to log into his TrackFusion account and see where the device was reporting from which was not in the construction zone. The superintendent went to the model home and noticed several big ticket items were missing. He contacted the police and reported the incident and the current location of the device. When the officers arrived at the scene to take a report, he told them he had equipped the refrigerator with a GPS tracking device and showed them on the computer the current location of the device. Officers were dispatched to the location that the device was reporting. Upon arrival, they saw a refrigerator sitting in the back of a pickup truck. They called the superintendent to the scene and he showed them where the GPS Tracker was hidden. The police ran the license plate of the truck and discovered the truck was parked at the residence listed in DMV records. Police approached the house and knocked on the door and asked for the registered owner of the truck. When they got him outside they asked if that was his truck and his refrigerator. He said that it was. He was then arrested for grand theft a felony charge.

Problem Resolution

GPSit was able to help the customer accurately track the whereabouts of company assets by deploying a very powerful and covert tracking solution. The experience led the company to buy more GPS Trackers to deploy on generators and tractor equipment to know their locations at all times.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

For a small investment of a few thousand dollars, this construction company was able to retrieve valuable stolen company assets as well as having the peace of mind knowing that other assets were protected with the ability to quickly and accurately locate them.

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