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Jeans on a Rack

Clothing Apparel Use Case

Situational Summary

A national retail chain approached GPSit regarding a string of thefts of men's and women's clothing apparel as it was in transit from their manufacturing plant to distribution centers.

Through the covert use of GPSit's GPS Tracker and TrackFusion software, GPSit was able to help this customer be able to watch the progress of its goods in transit.

Problem Solution


On the first load tracked, the truck made an irregular stop along its route. It was stopped for 15 minutes. After its delivery to the distribution center, the load was inventoried and it was concluded items were missing from the manifest.

The second load with the same driver was tracked and followed by undercover company loss prevention (LP) agents as another crew of LP agents staked out the apartment complex where the truck had previously stopped. As the truck again diverted off route, it made a stop at the same location it had before.

The LP agents were able to take pictures of items being taken off of the truck and into an apartment.

Problem Resolution


GPSit was able to accurately display the location of the goods in transit by using a covert wireless GPS Tracker tracking device and TrackFusion tracking application. The retail chain used this tracking technique to routinely monitor the assets of the company as their product moved through the supply chain. The occurrence of these thefts dramatically decreased.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

For under $1,000 this company was able to secure its goods in transit while saving a significant amount of money by cutting down on the thefts and the amount of man hours required to investigate each incident.

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